I started using smart speakers to develop a voice response app, and I was surprised at its convenience.
You may wake up in the morning when it is still dark. In such a case, if you ask the smart speaker
"Ok, Google. What time is it now?", He will answer "
"Wake up at 7:30"
"The alarm was set at 7:30."
Amazing thing that you can do this multiple tasks without opening your eyes and moving your hands is. You can turn off the lights, look for your smartphone, look at the dazzling screen, open the alarm app and set the time without any hassle. I re-recognized that voice input is a command that humans naturally perform.

I feel the potential of voice response apps and are currently focusing on app development. I want to put various ideas on the voice response app.
The apps on this site are powered by Google’s Dialogflow , an AI voice response technology. Is what it is). This is my first web app written in Node.js (+ Express + Heroku).
I hope you can feel the fun and potential of voice response using the apps published on this site. If you are interested in developing with us, please contact us via contact us .
Thank you.


A Sunday programmer who has dropped out of an engineering college and has taken a completely different job. As a father of three children, he is interested in programming education for children, and many people are seeking ways to enjoy the world of programming.
Developer Name: Survival Creative
Site: AIに負けない!キッズ・プログラミング教室
Email: creativival@gmail.com


Sound effects and BGM used in the application are borrowed from the following sites. Thank you very much.

Sound material used: Wingless Seraph (https://wingless-seraph.net/)

Sound material used: OtoLogic (https://otologic.jp)

Image material usedILLUST BOX (https://www.illust-box.jp)

The “Riddles” included in the application have been licensed under the condition of a free public application. Thank you very much.

Nazonazo used: なぞなぞ作家 ながれおとや / なぞなぞナビ(https://nazonazonavi.net